Baba Management

In 2020 management agency BABA Management was founded by Ă–mer Karabulut out of passion for the entertainment industry and love for the artists. BABA Management is known for the care and accessibility for the artists. The personal involvement and professional guidance of the managers and employees ensures that artists feel at home here.

Capitol Bookings

At the beginning of 2016, Capitol Bookings was founded out of the ambition to provide the best service around booking artists. The roster consists of various artists from different musical disciplines. With more than 1500 bookings per year, Capitol Bookings offers the best artists for your event at a fair price. This is the booking agency where talents are discovered and stars continue to rise.

Rebl Records

Rebl Records is an internationally oriented music publisher and label that represents a number of major Hard Dance artists. In mid-2020, record label Rebl Records was founded from a collaboration between BABA Headquarters and hardstyle DJ/producer Outsiders. The roster includes Outsiders, The Darkraver and Bass Chaserz.

About us

BABA Headquarters is the umbrella company that consists of management agency BABA Management, music label Rebl Records and booking agency Capitol Bookings. BABA Headquarters is based in The Hague and is run by a young and fresh team with a progressive vision on the creative industry. We strive for a professional and personal approach, so that every person feels at home with us.

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